tiny baby jewelryFrom the minute our children are born, we parents have a natural desire to preserve and prolong all those magical moments they bring – first smiles, first words, first steps.  That tiny baby you bring home from the hospital grows so quickly into a three dimensional person with his or her own unique character and it’s only natural to want to make lasting memories of their all-too-brief baby and childhood that you can treasure forever.

Enter Antrim-based craftswoman Sandra Sullivan, who specialises in creating beautiful bespoke jewellery and keepsakes featuring your child’s finger, foot or hand prints – a perfect way to capture your child’s uniqueness and remind you of just how small they once were!  Sandra first encountered these unique and beautiful pieces whilst living in London.  She says:  “I had numerous friends who had pieces and had always wanted some myself but did not have the opportunity before relocating back home.  I looked for the same product when I moved back but realised it wasn’t available in Northern Ireland.  This also tied in with wanting a job which would fit around my children and school holidays so I thought why not start the company up myself?”

Smallprint uses precious metal clay to create original pieces of silver jewellery featuring a child’s fingerprint – once the clay has been rolled out and shaped, the child’s finger is gently pressed in place to create the print.  Each piece is then individually sanded, engraved and fired, before being finished with solid silver settings.  Fingerprints can be taken from babies aged 16 weeks and up, and prices start from £30.  Other ranges include High Fives and Little Kickers (tiny hand and footprints, suitable from birth), Mini Masters (miniature replicas of your child’s artwork), Love Letters (their first cherished writing in silver) and the recently introduced Tender Touch range for adults.  Choose from a selection of necklaces, cufflinks, dogtags, keyrings and bracelet charms, all beautifully packaged for the perfect gift.  Smallprint also supports SANDS, the Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Society, and the hand and footprint pieces can be produced using imprints taken in hospital to create an everlasting memory of your precious little one.

For further information on product ranges and prices visit www.smallp.co.uk.  To make an appointment or find out more, contact Sandra on 028 2764 1734 or 07733 407192, or email sandra.sullivan@smallp.co.uk.